december 2009:

i’ve been formulating personal site possibilities for sometime now, but could never come up with an idea that was seamless and cohesive of all that i love or all that fascinates me. with college graduation rapidly approaching and the future in mind, i began to think about my past and was very much inspired by my parents. my mother and father were born and raised in cambodia and vietnam respectively. since immigrating to the u.s, they have lived and worked here for over three decades and have done well for themselves. i’m fortunate enough to have been raised with the feeling of overall comfort — that everything i needed, i had. of course as with most families, there were difficult times, but to date there is very little i can complain about. while i’m grateful for the series of choices my mother and father made and the jobs they held to make my life possible, i don’t know if they can honestly say they “love” what they do.  they had to, and continue to do so because they didn’t have access to the education and resources that have been so readily available to me. this background information is relevant because it segues into the mindset that i currently possess. on an occupational level, success to me is defined by being compensated for providing a service one enjoys. money isn’t the most important thing, but it is vital to survive; and the more you have, the easier life seemingly becomes. as i was narrowing down fields i was interested in pursuing, i made a list of things (other than people) that i love.  it looked something like this:





i honed in on the topics trying to think of occupations inclusive of all elements. quelle surprise —  nothing came to mind. or to google.

this past week, i found myself in new york city last minute, taking advantage of a sudden job opportunity. if you know me, you’re well aware that my relationship with the city is the closest to true love that i’ve experienced in a while. teamed with an influx of grad cash, i didn’t mind making the abrupt arrangements. over a fried chicken wings and mashed potatoes dinner at the chicken shack in astoria, i began telling my friend and food soul mate, sara, how i felt my prose was lacking and not on the level that it had been several years ago. she disclosed her trouble with creative writing and we talked until i revealed that i still update my livejournal, not for others to read as it’s private and unsearchable, but mostly for my writing’s sake. it’s not the most beneficial though since feedback cannot be left. upon further conversation, i decided to purchase a domain to employ as my very own.

the purpose of this site is divulgence on any number of topics that interest me. vonnegut once said that a good writer writes what he or she knows. in following suit with his advice, all i can do is write about what i know appeals to me and the corroborative reasoning behind it. i don’t claim to be an expert in any field, so don’t take my word as law of the land. this is merely a creative outlet for myself and my friends who choose to contribute. if it happens to coincide with your tastes and interests, then i’m happy it can serve that dual function.

without further adieu, i give you, ilikewhatilike.com.