i&amm: brown sugar brussels.

over thanksgiving a few months ago, my mom whipped up a feast of a meal. a true hostess, everything looked perfect, down to the warming chambers she bought specifically for the event:

thanksgiving chambers

while almost everything pictured was homemade, there’s one thing my mother insists on buying — a brown sugar glazed ham, to which no one in our house protests. on normal occasions, my overly zealous, type ‘a’ personality wouldn’t usually allow my food to touch. on thanksgiving though, with my plate so heavily piled, there was no other option. as a result, my brussel sprouts and the ham’s brown sugar glaze collided serendipitously, to create what has become one of my favorite veggie side dishes.

— 1 package of brussel sprouts
— (light) brown sugar
— butter or margarine

1. rinse and cut the brussels in half.

2. add water to saute pan and steam the brussels ’til tender.

3. remove excess water. add butter and brown sugar to your liking.

4. raise heat slightly and sear brussels, cut side, down.

5. let caramelize for a few minutes ’til brown and crispy, then flip.

6. plate and enjoy!
*shown here with boil-a-bag brown rice and teriyaki marinated drumsticks.


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