living in new york city has been a glorified dream come true for me. things are constantly changing here, and learning to adapt has been beneficial to my formerly rigid self. every day is different; even if i do the same things on a continuing basis, they become unique experiences contingent upon whatever else i encounter that particular day. i’m constantly surprised, and often find myself smiling for no apparent reason other than that the mixture of sameness and spontaneity keeps me content yet alert. good and bad, i love and appreciate a lot about being here. still, it’s refreshing to escape the city’s constant chaos, and life in general.

“escaping” isn’t an entirely new concept to me. it’s something i did a lot in high school during stressful times such as my first big break-up, family disagreements, and especially when i was deciding which college to attend. i would turn off my cell phone, not tell anyone, get in my car, and drive. more often than not, i wound up at the beach in the offseason. i always kept two old comforters in my trunk — one to lay on, and one to cover myself. wearing comfortable sweatpants and my favorite usc sweatshirt, i laid on the beach for hours, thinking, wondering, considering, or sleeping. by the time i was ready to go home, i had a more clear mind. escaping then, served as a form of meditation for me that still holds true now.

since moving, i’ve managed to go home to massachusetts and escape at least once a month. this is important to me, to spend time with my family and hometown friends. simultaneously it reaffirms why moving was the right decision for me. as a result of having the night shifts at nielsen and becoming a more “senior” page, work had severely impeded my ability to go home, or anywhere else for that matter, since june. with my nocturnal days far behind and a saturday off, i finally got the chance to get out of the city and escape to a friend’s house in connecticut.

because the events of the weekend were fantastic in their simplicity, i reveled in every non hectic moment — grilling chicken and cheeseburgers, relaxing on the backyard deck, drinking at a local bar, falling asleep to the sounds of crickets rather than ongoing traffic, and even a sunny morning car ride along a gorgeous beachside neighborhood. ending the trip with lunch at a nearly empty restaurant as opposed to the trendy nyc brunch complete with its hour long wait, was the cherry atop a perfect weekend sundae.


on the returning train ride, i knew the weekend had served its purpose when i took a renewed sense of calm back into the city with me and into the awaiting week.


current music: “rhinestone eyes” — gorillaz
current read: slaughterhouse-five by kurt vonnegut

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