hermes to the world.

while skimming facebook pages a few days ago, i came across hermes — perhaps most buzzed about as the home of the elusive, ever popular birkin bag. while it will be quite some time until i can afford one of their beautifully crafted gems, a little piece of the luxury can be had by all with their variety of screen leathers.

i know it may not seem like anything worth mentioning, but as someone who is constantly dissatisfied and quickly bored with my desktop background, these are the perfect solution. the vibrant, sharp, textures are professionally appropriate, yet filled with personality. at work, my computer sports “mat straw alligator”

mat straw alligator

which makes even tracking over 200 fedex gift packages, that much more pleasant. at home, mac baby and i working with “shocking pink eversoft calfskin.”

shocking pink eversoft calfskin

the small effect that they’ve had on my moods, reaffirms that it really is the little things that count.

happy holidays everyone!


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