lulu*s love.

my schedule has been pretty hectic the past week with work, fashion week, and a very exciting visitor. quickly though, i wanted to write about lulu*s, one of my favorite online shopping sites. since i refuse to wear pants (unless prefaced by the word ‘sweat’), i can almost always be seen in a dress or skirt, weather permitting or not. lulu*s dress selection is vast, updates often, and is pretty affordably priced. perhaps a bit more costly than others, but in a lulu*s dress, i never worry about the chance that at the same place, someone else may be wearing the same outfit. plus, the extra cash is definitely indicative of a more quality garment. i wouldn’t normally play favorites, but lulu*s has shown me and ilikewhatilike so much love lately, that it’s hard not to return the favor!

Snapshot 2010-02-08 12-09-25

Snapshot 2010-02-22 16-54-05

shop away girlfriendz!

jessica (in lulu*s obvi)
la la love dress | navy

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    AHHH TOOOO WEIRD!!! I was just looking at their website!! LOVEEEEEEE THE CLOTHES LOOOOVE

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