monday funday.

unlike most people who dread mondays, its arrival for me was very much welcomed. with ‘late show’ on hiatus for two weeks and my work day (or night rather) not beginning until 7:00 pm, i was free to sleep in with zero obligations looming.

when i leisurely woke up at 11:00 am, i was met with a text from one of my bffs, andy weezy. both being ‘non-traditionally’ employed as i like to call it, we occasionally have more free time than our other friends and qt was long overdue. as always the case with us, there needed to be food involved and thus, the idea for food crawl monday was born.

i’ve always found that as hearty as my appetite often is, my eyes are almost always bigger than my stomach. needless to say, we didn’t have enough sense to pace ourselves; as a result this is a very tame food crawl, perhaps even a food crawl failure if you will. although not completely as i’m positive that weiss, myself, and our taste buds still thoroughly enjoyed the day. see for yourselves!

first stop: vanessa’s dumpling house @ 14th street between 3rd and 2nd avenues.

fair warning, i’ve only been to the location at eldridge between grand and broome, so i was unaware that menu and prices vary, only slightly to some, but very drastically in my opinion. lately, i’ve developed an insatiable, unwaivering craving for duck. having had the most delectable roasted duck sandwich during my first vanessa’s experience and not thinking of anything else since, you can imagine the heartbreak that ensued when i realized that not only did this location not serve duck, but also everything on its menu was one dollar more. ughhh. so no duck deliciousness and two dollar dumplings? what the eff, vanessa?!

however, my disappointment soon subsided when this tasty tray arrived.

my order — fried pork and cabbage dumplings and a chicken teriyaki sesame pancake sandwich:


the mark of a true guy/girl friendship? when the girl can order more food at lunch, and not think twice about it.

weiss’ order — steamed pork and chive dumplings:


only has eyes for dumplings!


happiness is pretty much anything drenched in teriyaki sauce, and stuffed between these fluffy sesame pancakes.


after devouring every morsel and stopping ourselves short of licking the plates, we were stuffed. while waiting for the next pangs of hunger, we walked, in a lame attempt to work off some of the calories. other than food, weezy and i also share a profound love for shoes — beautiful, fantasic, shoes. although i would prefer something like this and he would lean towards something like these, we quickly found ourselves shopping. not more than an hour after vanessa’s and my purchasing these:


weiss looked over, and seemingly reciting the thoughts in my head, said, “i could eat.”

on our way to the next stop, we respectfully had to pause and mourn a very sad sight. you should probably take a minute to do the same, now.


yet another commonality that we share, is indecisiveness. not a very good match. after walking endlessly in search of the perfect next eats, and picking up a pair of psuedo eye glasses on st. mark’s, the definition of ‘perfect’ became anywhere with ac, water, and a bathroom.

second (and last) stop: phebe’s tavern & grill @ bowery between 4th and great jones

my order — portabella, tomato, goat cheese, and basil mayo on whole wheat with a mixed greens, carrots, and balsamic side salad.


weiss’ order — buffalo wings


this was my first vegetarian meal, ever, i think. and you know, i didn’t hate it. the mushrooms were surprisingly hearty and flavorful. i was satisfied with my selection and saved the other half for dinner. at this time, work called so our ‘food crawl’ came to an end; and weiss and i went our separate ways.

in hindsight, i probably should’ve just titled this, ‘two meals and shoes’ day. oh well. the next food crawl attempt will be much better!



    whether or not the pun was intended, it must be noted that your most profound statement, “only has eyes for dumplings!,” applies not only to vanessa’s balls of foodgasms but also andy’s yellow fever hahah

  • haha, that didn’t even occur to me!

    p.s. — LET’S EAT!

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