my best friend’s wedding.

when i hear about people my age getting engaged, my first reaction is often cringing. i never mean to be pessimistic, but given my personal experiences, it’s just not something that genuinely excites me. i’ve never dreamed of weddings and flowers or honeymoon destinations. even growing up, playing with my barbies, i always set the scene with barbie as the big sister, ken as her boyfriend, and stacie as the younger sister. barbie and ken were never married, they never had kids, and their parents were never around because they had died tragically in a plane crash. i later realized that this is sort of morbid, but it was my barbie world.

on march 30th, after having gone the wrong direction on the e train, i got off at 50th street to switch trains. as i was walking across the street, my blackberry beeped, notifying me of a voicemail. when i looked down and saw that it was from stacy, something happened that i haven’t admitted until now. i was instantly overcome with a wave of emotion, and right there on the corner of 50th and 7th avenue, i began to cry. alone. in public.

i knew where stacy was, who she was with, and what she was calling to tell me.

sure enough, i listened to the voicemail and it confirmed what i sensed: her boyfriend logan had proposed to her at pismo beach in california. continuing to cry, i hailed a cab and told the driver to get to my upper east side apartment, as quickly as possible, so i could talk to my best friend and get every detail.

a few months later, stacy and logan have finally decided the date and what type of wedding suits them. when they visited me in the city last week, they revealed that they’re not interested in having a ‘traditional’ wedding in the sense of a ceremony, guests, etcetera. this news might have surprised some people, but having gone through what they’ve gone through, and knowing them as well as i do, i wasn’t a bit shocked when they announced that they wanted to elope — just the two of them. because when you have everyone you love, you have everyone you love, right stace?

unlike others, thoughts of their marriage don’t make me cringe, but rather bring tears to my eyes, even now as i write this, based on my long held beliefs that good things will happen to good people, and the truest of love is patient. after eight years together, on october 1st, 2010, logan and stacy will become mr. and mrs. lenz-ciccolini at the beautiful and scenic rocky mountain national park, in colorado. i very rarely use the word ‘elated’ but it is the only applicable sentiment in terms of my feelings for them. i could not be happier and i’m excited to participate in their special event in whichever way they prefer. they just created their wedding website on ‘the knot’, so check it out and be sure to leave them well wishes, for what i’m positive will be a future filled with love, laughter, and eternally good company.




    love you!

  • I didn’t just get tears in my eyes reading this.

    Thank you.

    PS – It’s Ciccolini-Lenz.

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