playing catch up.

it’s been a while since i’ve written, so i wanted to recap. a lot of exciting things are happening and it’s simultaneously strenuous yet thrilling. i’ve been feeling a bit worn and spread thin, but i keep reminding myself that it’s a good kind of exhaustion. and better to be busy enthralled in things i love and am genuinely interested in, than nothing at all.

most exciting, i was hired as a page on the “late show with david letterman”. i interviewed for and was offered the position during the last week of february. when i received the call i was literally shocked. i felt that the interview had gone well but couldn’t tell if it had gone well enough. i was s0 nervous there might have been some sort of mix-up that i didn’t tell anyone about it until after my first day. i had nightmares of walking in and my boss “jr” telling me that she called the wrong person, inevitably to be sent home — sad and jobless. going into my fourth week there, i’m pretty sure now that there wasn’t a mistake and could not be happier! there are 21 other pages and it’s nice to be around like-aged people with similar aspirations. everyone has been extremely welcoming and ¬†absolutely hilarious! it makes me excited to go to work, and i can’t ask for more than that.

since the page position is part time, i still work at nextpert in the mornings. my boss there, “kdm”, is an established satellite media interview host. she produces different segments, which air on news stations across the country. kdm has been on several nationally known shows and networks, including e! news, inside edition, “the view”, and “good morning america”. my responsibilities range from segment research, to client outreach, to station bookings. we worked on a segment for taxi tv on sunglasses and as a result, i got to go to fashion week, which was incredible beyond words! i’m focusing on absorbing as much as possible and it’s interesting to see how the process works firsthand. these are some segments i’ve worked on recently:

another year has passed, and another birthday has come. i turned 23 on the 11th. it’s not a very exciting age, and i didn’t have any desire to make huge plans. every thursday though, the pages go out for drinks at a bar near the theater. the show doesn’t tape on fridays, so it’s the beginning of our weekend (even though, it’s not really because most of us have other jobs). luckily, my birthday happened to fall on a thursday and not one to interfere with tradition, i went out with them and invited some other friends to meet up. from what i remember, which is very little, i had a great time with old and new friends alike!

aside from working and getting older, i have been apartment hunting since the beginning of the month. the time it consumed between speaking with brokers, e-mailing, and viewing the apartments was comparable to another job in itself. a typical day would include, waking up at 5:30am, going to nextpert from 6:30am ’til 12pm, eating lunch on the train commuting between, letterman from 1pm ’til 6pm, then meeting with brokers and viewing apartments ’til 10pm. we encountered so many sketchy people that it became mentally and physically exhausting — to weed out the legitimate from the disingenuous. eventually though, i found a perfect real, three bedroom on the upper east side via craigslist of all places. it has cherry wood finish, a separate kitchen and living space, closets in every room, and so much exposed brick, i can’t even take it! we’re moving next week and i feel content, finally being able to settle somewhere long term and even more so, to decorate! i’ll definitely be posting more about that soon!

for my roommate sara’s birthday, i made six cupcakes and with the rest of the batter, made a loaf sized cake. sara ate three cupcakes, annnnd i ate everything else. with nutella.



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