purple reign.

as i was brushing my teeth this morning, i noticed some things arranged around my sink that not coincidentally, shared similar hues of purple. it inspired this post of my favorite essentials, not only in color, but functionality and style as well. enjoy!


1. speck unibody satin case | purple: since i’m too fickle for actual relationships, i have likened my macbook (and sports teams) to the role of “boyfriend”. as our first anniversary approaches, it’s only fitting that i purchase a gift in commemoration and this is it. originally, i had a hard shell case, but it slipped around too much and the venting grates at the bottom were too large, allowing small surface scratches. the satin case is perfect — stays put and has uniform coverage. well worth the price to keep my boyfriend looking his best!

2. “it’s a 10” miracle leave in product: other than wash and brush, i don’t put very much effort into hair maintenance. my friends are often surprised to learn that my hair is naturally as straight as it is. the only upkeep i perform is spraying this leave in conditioner after every shower. it smells good and protects my hair from heat damage.

3. nikon coolpix digital camera | plum: to say that i enjoy taking pictures would be a complete understatement. to say that i’m absolutely obsessed is still not all encompassing but closer to accurate. the reasoning behind that is because i’m a very sentimental person. i would hate to think that a single pleasurable moment or laugh will be forgotten, so for the appropriate and not so appropriate times, i always have my camera on hand.

4. american apparel circle scarf | purple: returning back to massachusetts after four and a half, leisurely college years in florida was sobering on a myriad of levels — one being weather. my first week back, the temperature was in the teens plus wind chill, and we experienced the worst blizzard massachusetts has seen in decades. obviously, my main concern in all of this was staying cute in the cold. for every part of my body, i found a suitably attractive garment that was equally functional — except for my face. in an attempt to find an aesthetically pleasing face mask of sorts, i tried to create my own but soon realized that it was impossible. nothing worked. until i discovered the circle scarf. clearly its main purpose is to be utilized as a scarf, but it can also be employed in several other ways. most often i wear it doubled around my neck up to my eyes or as a shawl. the price might be a bit much, but for as much as i use it and how helpful it’s been (not to mention that it’s fucking adorable), i have no qualms whatsoever.

5. accstation blackberry curve case | dark purple: if my macbook is comparable to a boyfriend, my blackberry would be the guy i sometimes cheat on him with (joke, kinda). anyways, i’ve only had this phone since august and already it’s starting to  resemble rihanna post chris brown car sesh. my old case broke and this has been a more than sufficient replacement.

6. victoria’s secret hydrating body lotion | “love spell”: have the lotion, have the body wash, have the body spray, have absolutely no complaints. if you want to smell like a goddess without using up all your expensive perfume on routine outings, a victoria’s secret scent is the way to do it. personally, i’m partial to “love spell” and “pear glace.”

7. apple ipod nano (16g) | purple: at least once a day, i can be caught jamming out to my ipod on its speaker dock, with or without clothes though is the variable. some skank stole my old ipod, but in choosing to see the good in all, i’m thankful that this new and improved, 16g beauty is now a constant in my every day life.

all my lavender love,


    LOVE THIS!!!! My favorite color is????PURPLE…Too cute…

  • Right on. It’s more informative and easy to understand. Thanks a lot such a nice guideline.

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