simple pleasures: february 2010.

despite the fact that the real world sometimes sucks and i miss my family and friends so much, i’ve been noticing that it really is the little things that matter. compiled are some instances as of late that regardless of the aforementioned, have contributed to my ongoing cheery disposition:

… like when i’m waiting on the subway platform and the train doors stop right in front of me, without my having to move an inch.

… like when babies are all bundled up in their strollers and look like burritos. weird for me, i know.

bundled baby

… like when i haven’t played scrabble in months and still beat someone by at least a hundred points. and more so when it says “WINNER!” with my picture below it. sorry kurt kleinberg.
Snapshot 2010-02-15 18-56-35

… like when the computer chooses completely random, yet very applicable tiles.
Snapshot 2010-02-15 19-05-16

… like a good playlist on my itunes.
Snapshot 2010-02-15 22-29-21Snapshot 2010-02-16 00-21-09

… and lastly, the fact that taylor lautner is legal today! nom nom nom.
tay lautner


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