so new york.

“if you only get one great love, then new york may just be mine… and i can’t have nobody talkin’ shit about my boyfriend.”– carrie, “sex and the city”

since 2009, my friends stacy and logan have made it a point to visit me in the city every summer. their visits are ones i look forward to, not only because i so obviously love their company, but also because i enjoy sharing parts of my daily life — routines and experiences very different from theirs in florida.

after their annual visit last june, logan wrote a post on his personal blog about how he could never see himself living here. while i respect that big cities aren’t for everyone, i have been meaning to come up with a sort of rebuttal post for a while now, albeit seven months late. what better time though, than the month of mine and nyc’s first anniversary? yes – a year has passed in which i’ve consecutively lived and worked here, but much longer since the conception of my love for it.

when i was 14, my entire 8th grade class went on a week-long trip to washington d.c. on the way, we spent the first day and night in new york, where i was exposed to my first dose of unforgettable city living. in the words of kelly cutrone, “it was like i had stepped out of a boring silent film and into the greatest musical of all time.” i can’t quite put my finger on it. maybe it was the newfound freedom from my parents, or being with my friends, or the vibrance that the city brought out of us, but the culmination of those things proved to create one of the most perfect memories of my life — a memory and feeling, that i’m lucky enough to relive daily when i wake up in my upper east side apartment.

in logan’s post, he sited the most common metropolitan city stereotype: high crime. in this regard though, new york remains the safest big city in the u.s, which disproves whatever logic there might have been in his worries over encountering an “unpredictable psychopath.” the city with the highest crime rate? miami — which logan lives about 35 miles from. big city factor aside, unforeseen events such as this and this, prove time and time again that tragedy clearly does not discriminate.

with anything, there are pros and cons. being an overall optimist though, i will always see the good and in this specific case, it far outweighs the bad. irrefutable to anyone who visits, and especially as an inhabitant, there’s a prominent energy about new york that is unparalleled. i thrive on its fast pace and the spontaneity that stems from it. i don’t ever feel bored or unsatisfied, but exhausted from the possibility. a year later, i’m still meeting new people, discovering new places, and feeling just as excited as i ever was.

i do find solace in the comfort of routine. however, there’s a difference between a daily routine that has potential to lead to new opportunities and experiences, versus a routine that breeds complacency, thereby forcing you to settle for less than you deserve. for me, being anywhere but new york would be settling. and if you know me, that’s never an option.

so happy anniversary new york. here’s to many more.



    this is awesome!!

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