i&amm: crepes.

during my freshman year at the academy, my french class had an end of the year fete to which each student brought a french treat. while others opted for the easy route, bringing orangina or cheese, i, always the overachiever, decided to make and bring 20 homemade crepes. this endeavor was undertaken by myself and a friend — so mainly by myself. not that my friend was incapable, but more so that i was, and still am very much of a control freak and perfectionist.

NDA 05

at that point, i had never attempted to make, let alone even tasted a crepe. today, the sentiment has changed drastically. crepes have become one of my favorite foods and something that i really enjoy making and sharing with friends — most recently, when stacy and logan visited in june. although i’ve experimented with savory crepes avec jambon et fromage, dessert crepes are still my ultimate. here’s the simple recipe that i’ve always used and my toppings of choice:

— 2 eggs
— 3/4 cup of milk
— 1/2 cup of water
— 1 cup of flour
— 3 tablespoons of water
*will yield about 12-15 decent sized crepes depending on the size of your pan.

— strawberries
— blackberries
— bananas
— nutella (if you don’t have anything else, this is a must!)
— peanut butter
— strawberry jam

1. combine all ingredients in a large mixing bowl. the end mixture should be loose in viscosity, similar to the texture of buttermilk.

2. coat non-stick pan with pam and bring to a low, but steady heat.

3. ladle one scoop of the crepe mixture into the pan and swirl ’til it no longer runs. then, wait.

4. once the batter starts to firm, scrape around the edge of the crepe and flip when ready.

5. cook on other side until crepe moves freely and voila! it should look something like this:

6. repeat x amount of times until batter is gone.

7. set-up toppings and beverages. (you don’t really have to do this; i’m just a hostess with the mostest. nbd.)

note: i go sugar free on the jam and reduced fat on the peanut butter, but there is absolutely no substitute for the hazelnut/chocolate-fusioned goodness of nutella. absolutely nothing. don’t even try.

8. ENJOY! my favorite combination (half peanut butter with bananas, half jam with strawberries, and a thick, delicious line of nutella inbetween) below:

the crepe queen

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