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since i’m more than familiar with the practice of moving, i can sympathize with my pals weezy and delbreezy in their plight to brooklyn. on the quest to furnishing their ultimate bachelor pad, these cuties thought they had struck gold when an ikea wonderland, complete with shuttle service, was discovered nearby. too bad dreams aren’t always as they seem… here are weiss’ words on the experience and the chaos that ensued during attempted assembly:

“visiting-IKEA-is-overwhelming-and-building-their-products-is-miserable” days:
1. “waitin’ for a superman” — iron and wine
— it was hour three of the ikea marathon and i was optimistic after planning my mattress and bed frame selection to perfection with an ikea employee. thankfully, when a different ikea employee informed me that zero of my products were available, i had the voice of samuel beam on my ipod to soothe my disappointment. when the going gets tough, let this nostalgic tune stand up to any half-empty glass of water.

2. “the distance” — cake
— after compiling a list of the necessary pieces to purchase our brand new futon, table, and dresser, my roommate chris and i headed to the self-serve section of ikea. upon our arrival, we were greeted by zero employees and the gargantuan inventory aisles stretched as far as our eyes could see. regardless, we were relentless and efficient. tackle any challenge with the aid of “the distance” by american band, cake. remember: rule #: 76 — no excuses! play like a champion!

3. “rollercoaster” — m. ward
— tempers can escalate quickly when building ikea products. however treacherous waters are ahead for roommates when a futon, table, and two dressers need to be built. when any meticulous task tests your will, let m.ward’s lullaby “rollercoaster” keep you from losing your cool and throwing your tool set against the wall. if this doesn’t help, you should excuse yourself and get some fresh air.

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