weiss’ words.

i have heard rumors of how new york city responds when the sun starts showing its face. since i’m from florida and haven’t felt the power of the sun in months, i was eager to see for myself.

the first time i encountered it, i was working in times square, as the rays shone through the windows of my retaurant. i was inside, antsy, and jealous of everyone outside. no matter what area code you live in, sitting at working, looking outside at a sunny day is never pleasant. so stop looking at the clock, lean your office chair back, and put on this tune, by vampire weekend + ra ra riot side group, discovery. now for the sake of your job, please, get back to work.

one thursday morning, i woke up and even before i put my contacts in, i could see fuzzy specks of sunlight. i put my eyes on and WHAM! rays of light penetrating through every window. instantly, i knew i needed to take advantage of this gorgeous, sunny, day off. i packed my bag, walked out the door, and never turned back. when it’s time to make moves and trust your instincts, let this song by san francisco based, indie group, the dodos, take you there!

as i approached central park, i saw people of all ages playing outside. i laid down in a random field and the rest is history. here’s to getting what you want, when you need it.

still-holding-it-down-cordelia and ashmir


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