weiss’ words.

whenever i’m in the mood for good food, music, or company, weezy baby is always the answer. and i don’t mean ‘lil wayne. i’m talking about none other than jacksonville’s finest: andrew weiss. according to our extensive studies in the communication field, it takes at least three years to form a “lasting relationship”. with that criteria more than fulfilled and both of us moving to nyc this month, i couldn’t agree more. as one of the most standout jews i know, i value his opinion; where few matter, his does. here are weiss’ words and some lovin’ on the ears:

gym hits:
1. “i’m not gonna teach your boyfriend (twelve remix)” — black kids
— one good song can change a workout. whether you’re running, lifting, or even walking, this funky track from jacksonville, fl band, the black kids will be sure to help get your heart rate in weight loss range. put down those snack cakes and make some moves!

2. “rehab (hot chip remix)” — amy winehouse
— i understand, amy winehouse is a mess; hopefully you are not. however let’s not forget the year
this chemically inbalanced diva won a few grammys. take her vocal chords and remix it with grammy nominated, british electro group, hot chip and you have a bonafide stairmaster hit.

lazy days:
3. “i wish it would rain” — mayer hawthorne
— so you’re still in your pajamas and xxxxl t shirt, and the sun is setting? i understand… it’s the weekend. let mayer hawthorne reassure your inability to get it together with this motown heartbroken ballad. because you’re obviously not going out tonight anyways.

“baby” days:
4. “baby (breakbot remix)” — pnau
— brighten up your morning with some coffee and this jazzy upbeat joint from australian dance duo, pnau! whether you have a special baby or not, this song is great, baby.

5. “baby said” — hot chip
— take a load off with hot chip. put your feet on the couch with hot chip. becuase sometimes your baby wants some action and sometimes, baby… you can’t give them that.

also, one of my personal favorites per weezy’s suggestion:
6. “french navy” — camera obscura

if you just can’t get enough, check out his website: www.ratemypantry.com and show him your pant(r)ies! hehehe!

cordelia and ashmir and the city



    wooohooo I can’t wait to come visit you two in THE CITY!!!!!

  • This was refreshing. I wished I could read every post, but i have to go back to work now… But I’ll return.

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