weiss’ words.

“holy-hell-heat-wave” days:

from july 5th through the 11th, a heat wave hit new york city. water was poured, air conditioners were working overtime, and sleeveless tees were running rampant.

monday: 99 degrees
tuesday: 103 degrees
during the first few days of the heat wave, walking outside for just a few minutes, proved my showers useless. in less than five minutes, rings of fire developed under my armpits. to cool my ears and paws off, i turned on england’s super red head, florence + the machine’s “the dog days of summer are over.” needless to say, i was one hot dog, listening to one hot track.

wednesday: 101 degrees
thursday: 97 degrees
one of the worst parts of the heat wave, was heading down into the subway, as the temperature rose another 10-15 degrees. as my eyes scanned the platform, all i saw were miserable, irritable, sticky people. as i waited for the train in what seemed, the depths of hell, my only question was, “why the hell am i even wearing clothes anyway?!” let janelle monae and leftfoot (outkast’s big boi) prevent you from streaking in the subway with their funky hit “tight rope.” now for pete’s sake put some more deodorant on.

friday: 101 degrees
saturday: 105 degrees
it goes without saying, that the luxury of air conditioning became an absolute necessity. nothing is more refreshing than entering a building that instantly offers a 30 degree drop off temperature. as the deep chills run through your body, words cannot describe the feeling. let american rock band, my morning jacket’s ” wordless chorus” fill that void. ooooh. ahhhhh.

cord and ash


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